Rick Parham


Rick was the last baby delivered on the night of his birth.
The delivery room doctors, after a long, tiring day of work were feeling relieved he was the last on the list and decided to have a bit of fun by stitching a beret to his head. After countless attempts over the years, Rick was never able to remove it so this eventually led to his iconic look..

Rick grew up in a musical family. His mother graduated from Colorado state with a degree in music and teaching. She started experimenting with both when Rick was 3 years old, showing him how to play piano. This led to several pianos covered in crayon and glued strips of paper. His parents were sure their child was destined for something great. Maybe music, maybe furniture decoration..

Eventually the family moved out to California, as a teenager Rick was involved in the late 60's music scene in the San Fancisco area. Playing in bands was one of his passions. He grew his hair long and wore a scrappy beard. He also found that no matter what life had in store for him, he would find a way to take a bath - once a week, probably on a Sunday.. before church..

Sometimes people would ask Rick, "where are you from?". "Everywhere" is his usual reply. Rick's father was a career military man moving around often and after he retired Rick joined the military and at one point worked in the same shop that his father had. The older people in the avionics shop, having remembered his dad, would point out the fact that the troublemaker son turned out ok after all, although his butt was a bit large from all the spankings..

After many years of moving around Rick ended up with a family. Without exception, all of his children are as insane as he is and if not for the stabilizing influence of his wife of 25 years, the family would be banned from all 50 states and some foreign countries..

After searching for work in the area, Rick was eventually found by Rhonda Graham, cowering under a bar table and mumbling something about paisley volkswagons. Rhonda helped him up and got him presentable. At least enough to sit in front of a computer and push pixels around. Sometimes, with a bit of luck on his side, those pixels line up to be website designs..

Now, over the span of 10 plus years and with the help of Rhonda, Rick has risen in status within the pixel pushing community. Sometimes he actually knows what he is doing and no longer mumbles about psychedelic paintjobs.